Arts practice is currently weighted towards live interactions and installations

exploring systems of labour, compliance and familial communications.

'What is The Matter Of You?' at Line & Mass by Six Projects, Bournemouth, October 2015

Curatorial: Alastair Barford, August 2015

'Patience'at PastPresent curated by Six Projects, Bournemouth 2015

'Patience' at Backbone curated by Home For Waifs & Strays, Birmingham 2015

The Working End

New Opportunities Award commission from New Expressions 3 2014 - 15

9 May - Sat 31 October 2015 Bridport Museum, Bridport, Dorset, UK

New Opportunities Award for the New Expressions 3 programme

20 August - 25 September 2011

We Can ReBuild Her

David West Gallery

Lyme Regis, Dorset

Aug - Sept 2010

Hayward Touring Exhibitions: Walker Evans Photographs: 1935 - 1936

Axen Farm, Symondsbury, Dorset


we stood together 
in blown desolation
for all to see
if they chose to look
and those who could
saw through you to me
and those who saw
knew we were twinned
in isolation dust and pain
some turned to the horizon
and saw beyond trees
and over hollows
to a written body of knowledge
and some turned in 
and saw the fragile body 
double inside out
precious few saw both
and stayed anchored 
in the running air
but stooping a kiss 
the cracking wrenching earth
I placed you in my landscape
you held me in yours
we portrayed poverty
we portrayed loss
dignity moved our bones
as we hung
intimate with the stars
jaded heart
silver lining
stills captured inside
a stop frame performance
that shaped me 
by minute by minute

With thanks for photography from Home For Waifs & Strays and PastPresent, plus HarlandViney and J. Hill.